Troy Deeney Interview Reveals England Ambition
Contrary to a few years back when footballers were camera-shy, footballers today relish being in front of cameras. In fact, today’s footballers have the confidence to stand in front of cameras and have candid interviews with reporters. One such incident is the honest interview our esteemed captain, Troy Deeney recently had with Gabby Logan who spoke to BBC Sport’s Chris Bevan.

The interviewer, like most of us Hornets fans, has heard awesome stories about how our captain was camera friendly. Other than the Watford player being candid in the interview, his gracious character surprised Gabby Logan.

Our captain wasted no time in showcasing his media-friendly personality when he was on The Premier League Show hosted by Gabby. His witty and interactive personality would have surely been noticed by possible suitors as it is no secret that the Watford player hopes to get into broadcasting once he hangs up his boots.

In the interview, Deeney was very inquisitive and his responses were truthful whenever he was asked questions which ranged from his health to his diet to his ambitions and roles in his career both at international and club levels.

In his answers, some things stood out than most. He spoke of how constantly improving is an integral part of his character. As most of us Hornets fans know, Deeney’s attitude and character are precisely the attributes that make him a great captain for our beloved club. The fact that he has his sights on improving only makes me wonder what could be in store for us as time goes by.

Deeney does not let negativity get to him which is a great mentality given he is our captain. This can be seen by him taking gracefully being left out of England’s squad by Gareth Southgate. We Hornets fans know of his incredible mentality as he was instrumental when we won at Spurs to maintain our winning start to the season a few weeks ago despite going one-nil down.

Part of what Deeney has focused on when he talks of improving himself is his dieting and his mental health. Deeney spoke of how he was working with a psychologist to overcome some mental issues he has had. This acknowledgment from a sports great sets the standards to be emulated by other people with similar issues. This coupled with his experience with age has transformed him into the calm and passionate figure he cuts today.

We Watford fans often look up to Deeney to make the difference for us and he admits he relishes the chance to be the game changer for us. He likes our connection with him and he knows we admire his passion and efforts for the club.

The difficult path to being good Deeney has faced has probably been key in nurturing him to the important asset for Watford he is today. In his early playing days, Deeney received a lot of backlashes but those did not put him down. He continued to work hard and improve until he got to where he is today. The leadership of our club could not be in better hands.

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Contrary to a few years back when footballers were camera-shy, footballers today relish being in front of cameras.